10 Best Free Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce 2023

An efficient shipping strategy is required for online stores with products and many customers in various locations. Apart from that, it helps in the execution of a reliable shipping solution and the maintenance of client relationships. That’s why the free shipping plugin for WooCommerce is a must-have choice. The WooCommerce free shipping plugins offer fantastic features to enhance customer experience and address shipping-related issues. Additionally, because it allows customers to select their delivery dates, this type of plugin aids in the automation of the shipping process for your store. Here, we have arranged the 10 best free shipping plugins for WooCommerce.

The most powerful Free Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce 2023


1. Flexible Shipping

flexible shipping WooCommerce shipping plugin Flexible Shipping is the most powerful WooCommerce shipping plugin for WooCommerce stores. This flexible Shipping lets you determine shipping costs based on weight and/or cart value. This plugin adds shipping costs based on cart weight and cart total. After reaching a particular order value, it adds, a handling fee or an insurance cost. This plugin creates a COD (Cash on Delivery) shipping option with additional cost. It is compatible with the fastest and most lightweight WordPress theme. The option to only show the chosen shipping methods to logged-in users. It is built-in ready-to-use scenarios. You will be notified automatically about shipping zone configuration conflicts.

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2. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

easy table rate shipping Table Rate Shipping is a free WooCommerce shipping plugin that offers fantastic features through which you can easily create different shipping rules. This plugin’s user interface is really simple, making managing table rates a bit easier. It assists in defining shipping rates by total weight and integrates with WooCommerce shipping zones. You can either include tax in shipping rates or exclude it depending on the specific requirements of your business. You can set up multiple tiers, and they work well for most stores. For each order, this plugin includes additional handling costs.

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3. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

advanced shipment tracking WooCommerce shipping plugin Advanced Shipment Tracking is one of the top WooCommerce shipping plugins for tracking information and completing orders. By installing this plugin, you can increase customer satisfaction by informing your customers about their order status. Including shipment tracking information in the WooCommerce order, completion email is one of the key features. As a result, handling post-shipping inquiries takes less time. Email notifications will be sent by Advanced Shipping Tracker as soon as a customer places an order. They will quickly be able to monitor the status and details of the order. Moreover, this plugin enables you to customize the email information’s display layout, fonts, and colors and integrate with external shipping service providers.

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4. WooCommerce Weight-Based Shipping

woocommerce weight based shipping It is a simple and flexible WooCommerce shipping plugin. The plugin for weight-based shipping is more concerned with calculating shipping costs based on order weight that will work flawlessly with most of the Free Responsive Themes WordPress. Although order weight is the primary determinant, other rules and conditions were also considered. You can still create as many shipping rules as possible based on subtotals, order locations, and weight ranges. Moreover, you can make free shipping available to clients who meet specific criteria. In addition to free shipping, each rule can display a fixed price, a progressive charge based on both cart weight or neither.

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5. WooCommerce UPS Shipping

WooCommerce ups shipping plugin For real-time shipping rates, integrate and set up United Parcel Service (UPS) Shipping in just five minutes. This one is the best WooCommerce shipping plugin that offers various UPS shipping options. The UPS Shipping plugin was created by WPDesk, a business renowned for its excellent support and plugin. It’s understandable why more than 70,000 online retail sites use UPS Shipping worldwide. Once you install this plugin, the UPS API connection automatically calculates every shipping cost. Customers can therefore view UPS shipping options and their actual costs on the checkout page. This plugin offers delivery options using UPS Access Points. Customers can choose the closest locations to pick up their purchased packages, and they can also save WooCommerce orders.

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6. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels

pdf invoice shipping Standard prerequisites for an online retailer to ship a package include an invoice and a packing list. Additionally, invoices must be included when selling a product internationally. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels are the best WooCommerce shipping plugin. The plugin provides editable PDF invoices that you can customize for your needs. The invoice is created automatically, so You don’t have to worry about that. The invoice, label, and packing list confirm the package contents and purchase specifics. This plugin was created to make it easier for you to create PDF shipping labels, packing slips, packing lists, and invoices. Utilizing this extension, you can process the order and ship without any problems.

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7. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

WooCommerce advanced free shipping plugin Advanced Free Shipping is another top WooCommerce shipping plugin. You can create complex rules that determine whether or not customers qualify for free shipping with the help of this plugin. The plugin is designed to give you complete control over free shipping policies. As a result, you can easily set free shipping rates, for example, for many user roles in a single shipping rate. The plugin can be modified using code snippets. Additionally, you can enable various shipping restrictions based on the subtotal, zip code, and quantity.

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8. MultiParcels Shipping For WooCommerce

multiparcels shipping plugin Another top-notch WooCommerce shipping plugin for integrating shipping options with your couriers is MultiParcels Shipping. It offers real-time shipment delivery prices and user-friendly functionality. Many delivery choices are available in this plugin, including post offices, terminals, and post boxes. This plugin hides the address, city, and postal code fields when delivering to pickup locations. Shipping labels for all carriers can be made in one place. This plugin creates a shipping label automatically. It sends the customer a tracking code.

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9. Fish and Ships

fish and ships WooCommerce shipping plugin Online retailers typically set standard shipping rates that are excessively high for some goods and excessively low for others. It is the easiest and most flexible WooCommerce shipping plugin. Since users can set up shipping rates based on weight, volume, price, cart items, and cart total, this plugin is simple to use. Additionally, this provides conditional use cases, such as conditional flat rate, conditional local pickup, and others. To calculate the purpose of calculating shipping costs based on table rates, Fish and Ships lets you add on multiple conditional rules. And therefore, it increases the sales and revenue of your online store for Consulting  Theme WordPress.

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10. Estimated delivery date per product for WooCommerce

estimated delivery date plugin The Estimated delivery date per product is the most popular WooCommerce shipping plugin. Shipping days only need to be entered once in the shipping method to apply to all products; you don’t need to enter them for each product. Nowadays, customers always keep an eye on the website’s estimated delivery date to know when their order will arrive. The problem is that customers might back out of their purchase or question it if the site doesn’t display the date. Some pages, like the checkout and cart pages, will display this plugin’s estimated delivery time and date. As a result, customers undoubtedly buy the product. You can add a range of estimated dates to indicate the minimum, and maximum delivery days the product should take to reach the customer.

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Online shipping includes essential elements like shipping services. When you are confident that your order will arrive on time and undamaged, you are more likely to make the purchase. We hope that one of these plugins will benefit your WooCommerce store and help you improve the customer experience.


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