15 Best WordPress Team Member Plugin 2023

Your visitors and customers will learn more quickly about your team and their social media profiles if you use a WordPress team plugin. Like you, many people want to build a team page for their blog, business, etc., but they don’t know how to do it. Any of these WordPress team plugins can be used to help you in creating a team page. Before creating a team member you have to know how to add users to WordPress so that you can easily manage your team member. In this article, we have arranged the best WordPress team member plugins that would be helpful for you.

The Most Powerful 15 Best WordPress Team Member Plugin 2023


1. Team Pro plugin

Team Pro WordPress team plugin The Team Pro is the best WordPress team plugin. It enables displaying the best team member on your website. This team member’s WordPress plugin is user and developer-friendly, so it is easy to customize and use as you wish. This Team members slider & showcase plugin makes the display fully customizable so you can create unique team showcases for your site. Its shortcode generator gives you an additional customization option and easy control over your layouts. You can use the plugins’ shortcode or Elementor widget to display team member profiles with grid, list, slider, and isotope views. With this team showcase WordPress plugin, you can add your team members easily from the admin end. It offers a widget that has settings for the number of team members you want to display. You control every field in the team builder plugin, including the members’ names, images, roles, social media links, and detailed bios.

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2. Team Builder plugin

team builder plugin A simple WordPress team plugin is called Team Builder. It is a drag-and-drop builder user management plugin in WordPress. Using this plugin, you can quickly produce an amazing team showcase. You can drag and drop the team members’ bios and profile pictures onto the plugin page is all that is required to add them. This plugin is fully responsive and customizable. Using the plugin, you can design your displays for logos or endorsements. Use the widget to display your profiles in a grid, slider, table, or widget. The plugin also comes with incredible features like ten different column layouts, more than 500 integrated Google fonts, five different styles for dots and buttons, and five different styles for dots.

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3. Team Members plugins

Team Members WordPress team plugin Team Members have received the most downloads out of the two top team members’ plugins. In the same way as the other two plugins, it enables you to highlight the employees of your business on your website. With the help of shortcode, you can quickly add team members, add their pictures, position, bios, and social media links, reorder them at any time and display them wherever you want. It is important to the website’s main section to have a workgroup called “Team” where users can manage all information about the workgroup’s members in an elegant, logical way and with SEO-friendly WordPress themes. This plugin works with any screen size and can show up to five members in a single column. Numerous devices are compatible with it, and it can display up to five members in a single column.

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4. Team with Slider

team showcase supreme A responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress team-building plugin called Team Members with Slider has some incredible features to create a fantastic team showcase. It is a very capable yet lightweight team member plugin that lets you easily customize the look of your staff, team, support, contacts, and about us pages. This plugin can display your team members in various layouts, such as Grids and Sliders. You can add, personalize, and highlight your team with a responsive Slider plugin. You will discover that Team Showcase with Slider is the quicker and easier way to add and highlight your team members on your website. You have the option to include an owl carousel-style grid slider with Team Showcase that includes the name, title, description, and an unlimited number of unique social media links for each team member. Using the slider plugin in WordPress, you can quickly create an interactive team page.

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5. Creative Team Showcase WordPress plugin

Creative Team Showcase WordPress team plugin You can present your team in a visually appealing manner using the Creative Team Showcase WordPress team plugin. There are six options to choose from, each with its unique features and layout. You can specify how everything appears here because every component of Creative Team Showcase is fully responsive, created to function on all devices, and allows for customization. Since the appearance can be easily changed, all colors and font sizes will function on all devices. You can do it using a drag-and-drop interface when arranging your team members on your pages You can edit every square inch of your pages and sections using a drag-and-drop interface because Creative Team Showcase is fully compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder. You can edit the plugin’s provided source code to create the ones you need. The plugin operates without hiccups, thanks to its clear code. You can also use it with a modern and creative WordPress Theme. If you’d like, you can also use font awesome icons. A media query built into the Creative Team Showcase plugin makes sure that your users will have no trouble interacting with your content. The plugin comes with comprehensive setup instructions, making it simple to install.

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6. AWSM Team Plugin

awsm plugin The most responsive and lightweight WordPress team plugin for managing a team showcase is AWSM Team. There are many shortcut keys available in AWSM Team, and each offer has various design options. A card layout with four different styles, a table layout with three different styles, and a list layout with two different styles are all included in the plugin. Using your photos, text, and other media, you can create posts and pages using the AWSM Team application. It has a straightforward layout, comprehensive instructions, and a video tutorial for beginners. You can easily use the application with these features.

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7. TeamPress

TeamPress WordPress team plugin You can create and organize data about your team members or employees using the WordPress team plugin TeamPress. You can use shortcodes or widgets to display all this information on your site in various styles and layouts when using this plugin. Any page builder, such as WPBakery, Site Origin, and Elementor Page Builder, will integrate seamlessly with this plugin. Using these page builders and shortcodes, TeamPress gives you many customization options. Shortcodes’ grid team display has more than 30 different styles. TeamPress comes with a shortcode builder that makes shortcode creation quick and easy. If you want to use the masonry layout, you can do so with the help of this plugin. It provides searches, a category filter, an Ajax alphabet filter, and loads more pagination. This is simple and well-organized making it simple to access a particular profile or piece of information.

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8. Meet My Team

meet my team plugin Meet My Team is a fantastic tool for neatly condensing the list of WordPress team plugins onto one page. Its fantastic user interface enables you to add team members and display their individual information in a modal. It has changed the bootstrap grid’s naming convention to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with your bootstrap theme in the responsive grid with smooth readjustments. The plugin works with any theme you use because of the minimal CSS strategy we implemented. This plugin used the tried-and-true Reveal Modal from the Zurb Foundation to create a responsive display of your unique one-page theme for WordPress. Theme developers can use straightforward style classes to target and style their own.

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9. Team Grid

Team Grid WordPress team plugin Team Grid is one of the most adaptable WordPress team plugins for showcasing teams and employee information on websites. You can display an infinite number of teams and members on your pages. You can include various social media icons with links, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for your members. If you want to show the professionalism and skills of your team, Team Grid can accept member skills. You have access to email, a physical address, and a phone number are some of the member fields. If you want to display the actual member images, the plugin lets you display various image sizes. You can display square, vertical, and horizontal images using Team Grid. The number of profile viewers can be displayed in multiple ways. You can view the live previews in the admin area while creating your team display section.

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10. WP Team

team free image The most responsive and popular WordPress team plugin, WP Team, was developed to create and manage team member showcases with an excellent design and multiple settings. The plugin includes attractive styling options in addition to 3 distinct layout presets. You can quickly and easily add a lovely team members section to your WordPress website in just a few minutes. The image zoom in/out effect, the simple, intuitive settings panel with no coding needed, and its accessibility for people with disabilities are some of its most attractive features. The total number of members you want to display, the margin or space between members, the background colors, and the placement of the social icon are all variables that you can change. Moreover, you can select the image size from the available crop sizes.

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11. GS Plugins

GS Plugins WordPress team plugin The best responsive WordPress team member plugin is GS Plugins, which displays member images, names, titles, and social media connectivity links. The GS Team plugin has many adjustable features and various themes to beautifully display members with attractive effects. In Grid, Circle, Horizontal, Drawer, Table, List, Slider, Popup, Filter, Panel, and Gray views, you can show the profiles of your Team members. The team plugin has over 20 eye-catching templates, is SEO-friendly, and has reordering capabilities. This plugin works with any standard WordPress Theme. You can utilize the generated shortcode to output your team members anywhere.

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12. My Team Showcase

my team showcase plugin My Team Showcase is a WordPress team plugin that goes above and beyond if you’re looking for enough features to enable you to build the best team page. It provides you with 10 color schemes from which you can select the best one for your team or one that will match the rest of your website on your page. The individual fields for each significant element of team information have ten different display options in this team carousel WordPress plugin. Name, job title, email, photo, five social media links, website, description, phone, four skills, and location are all included in this information. Three pagination themes, 18 slide-in animations, and 18 slide-out animations are all included in My Team Showcase. Customizing your page is incredibly simple to the shortcode generator.

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13. DV Team

DV Team WordPress team plugin DV Team is a premium responsive WordPress team plugin. Teams, members, and categories are completely limitless in this plugin. DV Team is a highly customizable plugin. From the powerful plugin settings panel, you can alter any color, font size, spacing, etc. It can also be used for other things like logos, product galleries, and portfolios. It won’t matter which modern browser users use to access your pages because this plugin is compatible with all of them. The team carousel is touch-friendly and fully responsive with a popup plugin in WordPress. The WPML plugin is supported, and DV Team is prepared for translation.

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14. Team Members Showcase

Drzzlersoft img The team plugin design layout is supported by all major browsers and based on the most recent CSS animation. The best WordPress team plugin is Dazzlersoft Teams Team. You can adjust the font family, size, and other elements because it is based on the Bootstrap framework. The following are some additional features of this plugin. You can upload team member profile pictures quickly. Simple record updates include member names, job descriptions, and social media profiles. It is small and has a powerful backend for adding team members.

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15. Total Team Lite

Total Team Lite WordPress team plugin Total Team Lite is a free WordPress team plugin that helps you display team members more quickly, easily, and attractively with the fewest settings and configurations. You can present your team members to site visitors in a fashionable way with the aid of this plugin. Numerous customization options are also available, and the plugin’s responsive and slick designs are highly mobile-friendly. You can use a custom shortcode to insert the contents for the team member, such as dynamic heading, changing subtitles, etc. Widget prepared for this plugin’s upcoming design, such as Grid design, Carousel design, etc.

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The easiest way to create a page that displays your entire team is with a WordPress team member plugin. It enables you to show your clients the dedicated working for them. So, this article lets you help choose the best plugin for your website. We hope you will be helpful with this article.


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