20+ Best Free Blog Themes for WordPress

Blogging allows you to share information about your business and its services, allowing you to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics. It is a great way to create a personality for your company or business and makes it more credible and approachable. Choosing a WordPress blog theme among the free blog themes for WordPress will be an excellent idea to start a blog website if you intend to create a blog for yourself or your company or business.

There are both free and premium blogs available in the market. You can pick a free theme and give your blogging idea a go for starters. We have made a list of 20+ best free WordPress themes for blogs you can choose from to join the trendy blogging era.

List of Best Free Blog Themes for WordPress


1. Head Blog

free blog theme wordpress head blog

The Head Blog is a free WordPress theme you can choose to create a creative and feature-rich blog website. It comes with all the basic features and functionalities of an ideal blog website.

It has a minimalistic design and fast page loading speed. This theme supports custom headers, logo uploads, widgets, etc. You can include any free or premium plugin with this and get the exact functionalities you need.

It is SEO optimized and supports RTL translation plugins for WordPress. The theme is compatible with WPML, too, which is a great advantage for your blog website.

Key features:

  • It offers a minimalistic design
  • It has a fast page loading speed
  • Supports different module customization
  • Optimized for SEO and RTL translation-ready
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

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 2. Personalblogily

wp free blog theme personal blog

The Personalblogily is a free WordPress blog and one of the best among free WordPress blog themes. This is a beautiful blog theme with a minimalistic look. It is mostly suitable for food, fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog.

In PersonalBlogily, you’ll find a stylized and highly optimized theme with fast load times across the board without losing performance and responsiveness. The SEO optimization of this theme is the first class that will help get a head start on search engines like Google and Bing.

It has an elegant and stunning look that attracts visitors instantly and allows you to flaunt your content like you want.

Key features:

  • Beautifully crafted layout
  • Superfast page loading
  • First-class SEO optimization
  • Fairly customizable and easy-to-use interface

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3. Balanced Blog

wp wordpress blog theme free balanced blog

The Balanced Blog is a clean, fast and responsive WordPress blog theme you can use to create your attractive, stunning, and high-performance blog with just a few clicks. It offers custom logo upload, custom widgets, and advanced typography, enabling you to build a hand-crafted modern-looking blog website.

An SEO-friendly theme allows your blog to be at the top of search results. This theme has clean coding and responsive features to make your blog look perfect on any device you use. It is a fairly customizable and easy-to-use  WordPress blog theme.

Key features:

  • Customization using the WordPress customizer
  • Different module customization options
  • SEO friendly nature
  • It has a clean and responsive layout

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4. Minimal Blog

beautiful blog theme wordpress free minimal

The Minimal Blog is a clean and modern WordPress blog theme and can be considered one of the best free WordPress blog themes. This is suitable for magazines, newspaper themes for WordPress, or review sites. The theme comes with several awesome features, including a featured posts slide show, a magazine homepage template, and a two-columned layout.

You can simply integrate a popular page builder with this theme and easily increase your blog’s number of functionalities. It is a modern and elegantly designed WordPress blog theme that provides SEO optimization and retina-ready features. It looks beautiful on any screen size because of the theme’s responsive nature.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable
  • It comes with different design options and modules
  • It offers SEO optimization that allows better ranking on search engines
  • Looks beautiful on any screen size because of its responsiveness.

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5. Envy Blog

wp wordpress theme free download envy blog

The Envy Blog is a free modern, and elegant WordPress blog theme. It is designed beautifully, which is perfect for bloggers. This theme is suitable for Personal Blog, Travel Blog, Niche Blog, Corporate Blog, Marketing Blog, Fashion Blog, Organic Blog, Foods Blog, Magazine, and/or any other blogs.

It comes with a beautiful template that allows your content to be in the right place, just as you need it. It is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme, and you can manage your posts easily with this theme. The theme comes with a responsive feature allowing your blog to look beautiful no matter the screen resolution.

Key features:

  • Easy to customize and user-friendly interface
  • Fast and lightweight theme
  • Easily manageable from the WordPress dashboard
  • Well optimized for SEO and responsive on any device

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6. Decents Blog

decent blog wordpress blog theme free

The Decents Blog is a free WordPress blog theme and possibly the best among free WordPress blog themes. It has a live customizer you can use to see the changes in real before your edit goes live. The theme has many design features like a top bar header, social icons, sidebar features, customizable widgets, etc. and you can know how to add a widget to get better use of this feature.

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This theme is Gutenberg-ready and compatible with all blocks and patterns of WordPress. It is developed based on customizer settings. It also offers copyright text, goes to the top, footer widgets, blog page options, related posts, sidebar, etc. It’s lightweight and easy to use and has a friendly user interface.

Key features:

  • Live customizer allows seeing changes in real while developing the website
  • It’s a Gutenberg-ready theme and is compatible with all WordPress blocks
  • It offers different customizable design options
  • It’s a lightweight theme and has an easy-to-use interface.

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7. PressBook Blog

pressbook blog free wp theme

The PressBook Blog is a multi-purpose, professional WordPress theme for blogs, news, and educational websites. The theme includes blog grid layouts with many customizer options, related posts grid, top advertisement banner, fully accessible multi-level dropdown menu, top bar menu, social links menu, left and right sidebar with custom block-widgets areas, footer widgets, page templates, page settings, and single and double sidebars with a sticky-floating feature.

It comes with a header and footer block to place reusable Gutenberg blocks conditionally into the header and footer. The theme has a minimal dependency with super-fast loading time and high performance. It also offers a pixel-perfect design with an elegant, SEO-friendly, and engaging user interface.

Key features:

  • Tons of design customizations
  • Gutenberg compatible, allowing reuse of Gutenberg blocks
  • It has a super-fast loading time and high performance
  • Pixel perfect design with SEO friendly interface

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8. Good Looking Blog

good looking blog free wordpress theme

The Good Looking Blog is fast, elegant, customizable, specifically made for blog websites, and can be considered an excellent choice among the best free WordPress blog themes. It offers easy configuration of the Newsletter and Instagram section to retain your visitors, showcase your Instagram posts and generate leads with a lead generation plugin for WordPress.

This theme also has highly responsive and mobile-friendly sidebar layouts, customizable widgets, comprehensive documentation, excellent support, regular updates, and Gutenberg support.

It is WooCommerce compatible and supports RTL translations. With all the amazing features it comes with, you can create a beautiful, elegant, and feature-rich blog website in no time!

Key features:

  • Offers simple customization of design sections
  • Gutenberg support and regular updates
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and has a responsive layout
  • Supports RTL translation and is lightweight and fast

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9. Journal Blog

wp wordpress theme free journal blog

The Journal Blog is a simple but stylish journalistic WordPress Theme for bloggers of all types. Journal Blog is suitable for journalists, photographers, writers, and authors who wish to showcase their works through writing or blogging.

The theme customizer options allow you to set the colors and fonts you want for your site as well as show or hide the sidebar and you can know how to change WordPress fonts easily. You can also enter your social media links to display on the front page in the customizer Option.

It is a highly customizable theme with many design options and layout variations. It is clean-coded, thus enabling your blog loads faster. This theme offers a section where you can display a short bio about yourself on the front page to give your new readers a quick idea about who you are and what to expect from your blog.

Key features:

  • Highly customizable theme with lots of design options
  • A clean-coded theme enables high performance and fast loading
  • A beautiful video section to introduce yourself and your blog
  • Responsive and SEO friendly

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10. Author Blog

author free wordpress blog theme wp

The Author Blog is a beautiful, easy-to-use WordPress theme and an excellent choice among the best free WordPress blog themes. It is specially designed for authors, writers, novelists, and publishers who want to launch, promote and publish their books online. It comes with a layout designed to highlight your content and instantly attract your readers.

Using the Author Blog theme, you can create a fully responsive and visually attractive landing page to sell, promote, and publish your book without breaking a sweat!

This high-speed theme enables your website to load in an eye. It’s developed with SEO-optimized code and is schema.org ready, thus allowing you to get a better ranking in search results and you can create a sitemap for WordPress to index your website quickly.

Key features:

  • Creative design and easy-to-use theme
  • Visually appealing layout to put your content under the spotlight
  • It’s schema.org ready and developed with SEO-optimized code
  • It has a perfectly responsive layout that makes your website look beautiful on any device.

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11. Blog Tales

wordpress woocommerce wp free blog tales

The Blog Tales is a simple and free WordPress theme with an elegant look and easy-to-use interface. It offers the basic layout of a blog and customization options you need to make your content flash to the right audience.

This theme is simple, creative, and can be customized without writing a single line of code. It’s specially designed for blog sites like fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, nature blogs, food blogs, etc.

You can manage your posts using the WordPress admin dashboard and display your content using the layout that comes with a theme and you can manage your users with the help of user management in WordPress. It’s a simple theme yet elegant and visually attractive, and you can create your desired blog using this theme with a few clicks.

Key features:

  • Simple and creative design
  • Easy to customize layout appropriate for your blog
  • Simple post-management using the WordPress admin dashboard

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12. Eye Catching Blog

beautiful eye catching blog

The Eye-Catching Blog is a free and beautifully crafted WordPress theme and is a fine choice among the best free WordPress blog themes. This is a clean and minimal theme specially designed for writers who need to create a personal blog site with simple creative features and effects.

It has a mixed clean, modern, and minimal style that helps you create a simple and clean blog just like your audience prefers. This theme is easy to set up and works with. The Eye Catching Blog is a high-quality responsive theme well crafted out of the box.

Key features:

  • Clean, modern, and minimal design
  • Easy-to-use layout to put your content at the right place on your website
  • Easy to setup and customize
  • High-quality responsive theme
  • Amazing typography features glow with each word you write

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13. Infinity Blog

infinity blog theme

The Infinity Blog is a free minimal design WordPress theme you can choose to start blogging anytime. The theme has bold details and unique styles in all the right places. It’s designed in a way that it can highlight your content and beautifully grab the attention of your visitors and you can know how to setup conversion tracking in google analytics and monsterinsights easily.

This theme comes with simple design features like a template perfect for a blog website, integrated social media icons to attract more followers, a beautiful slider with buttons to flash your latest content to your visitors, etc.

The theme displays each of your content just the way you need. You can easily set up this theme and start working on your blog immediately.

Key features:

  • It comes with bold details and a unique template.
  • Different basic design features and options to put your content in the right place.
  • Beautiful responsive layout to make your blog look perfect on any device.

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14. Promos Blog

promos blog theme

The Promos Blog is a beautifully crafted modern WordPress blog theme and can be considered one of the best among the free WordPress blog themes. It has a visually appealing look and an easy-to-use interface.

This theme has different features such as search options, multiple sidebar options, footer options, featured slider, promo boxed, footer widgets, etc. Even you can remove the sidebar from WordPress if you don’t want any. It has a primary color option you can use to change the basic color of the website in a single click.

It has a layout specially designed for blogs to showcase your content to visitors in an attractive way. This theme is easy to customize using the theme options and smooth to maintain and manage your posts using the WordPress admin dashboard.

Key features:

  • Beautifully crafted, easy-to-use layout
  • It comes with several premade design modules to add superb functionalities to your blog
  • Customization and content management use the theme options and WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Cool responsive design makes your website look beautiful no matter the screen resolution and display size.

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15. Retina Blog

eye catching retina blog

The Retina Blog is a modern WordPress blog theme and an excellent choice among free WordPress blog themes. It’s specially developed for personal, streamlined blog websites. This theme is an excellent combination of modern, classic, and minimal styles allowing you to create a creative and functional blog website.

You can customize your website easily and according to your need. The theme includes different layouts with sidebar position and color selection which you can pick and choose with a mouse click like WooCommerce color swatches. It’s a perfect choice to create a remarkable blog of any purpose.

Key features:

  • Creative, simple, and easy to customize
  • It includes several design options and modules
  • It has a responsive feature to give your blog a stunning perfect look

Live Demo & Download Link

16. Blog Personal

free wp wordpress blog theme lily blog

The Blog Personal is a well-structured, dynamic and flexible WordPress magazine theme and one of the best free WordPress blog themes. This theme is sparkling, attention-grabbing, and comes with a sleek feel best suited for news sites, editorial websites, and online magazines.

It fulfills all your requirements to create a stunning WordPress blog site. This theme is integrated with tons of customization features. It offers a one-click demo import allowing you to start working on your blog right away. It also has a beautiful slider, custom widgets, search options, social media icons, etc. and you can insert search plugins in WordPress to get a better experience for search results.

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Key features:

  • One-click demo import to give you a head start on your development process.
  • Different beautifully crafted design modules and customization options.
  • Responsive layout to give your website the perfect fit for every device.
  • Fast page loading speed and user-friendly interface.

Live Demo & Download Link

17. Lili Blog

lili free wp wordpress theme

The Lili Blog is a clean, minimal WordPress blog theme specially designed for writers who wish to create a personal blog having simple creative features and effects to give readers the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles. This theme mixes modern, classic, and minimal styles and provides you with simple, easy-to-use customization features to create a creative, visually appealing blog. You can set a 404 error page and if you don’t know how to set a 404 page in WordPress, don’t worry we have another article to make you learn.

The features of the Lili Blog theme include a search option, off-canvas sidebar, multiple sidebar options, footer options, featured slider, footer widgets, etc. It also has custom widgets for author information, featured posts, social icons, etc. The theme offers a primary color option you can choose to change the basic color of your website with a single click.

Key features:

  • Clean, minimal design with easy customization features
  • Different design modules to create a fully functional dynamic blog
  • Primary color options to change the base color of the blog with one click
  • Cool responsive layout to give your blog a stunning look on any screen.

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18. Blog Art

blog art wordpress theme

The Blog Art is a simple and clean WordPress blog theme you can choose to start blogging anytime. It comes with a beautifully designed layout providing all the content sections you need to showcase your writing/content at the right place for your audience.

It is suitable for personal blogs, fashion, lifestyle blogs, craft galleries, photography sites, and similar projects. This is a child theme of Blog Mall. The theme has different design sections and options like a beautiful slider, featured post section like featured products on the WooCommerce shop page, social icons, top bar address section, custom logo upload options, and custom widgets. With the Blog Art theme, blogging is a matter of a second!

Key features:

  • Elegantly crafted template providing all the essential sections to display your content
  • Different design modules like custom widgets, and social icons to add and increase the functionalities of your blog
  • The layout includes a responsive feature that allows your blog to fit perfectly on any device.

Live Demo & Download Link

19. Mega Blog

wp wordpress theme for blog

The Mega Blog theme is one of the fastest, cleanest, easy-to-use, and aesthetic-free WordPress blog themes. It comes with an elegant-looking layout allowing you to showcase your content just as you may need to attract more visitors. This theme is perfect for blogs, news, and personal websites.

This theme features different layouts with sidebar position and color selection which you can choose and work with a single click. You can customize the theme as per your need using the WordPress customizer. You can also upload your logo and play with the widgets to add cool functionalities to your blog. You can learn how to upload logos from another theme.

Key features:

  • The theme has a fast page loading speed
  • It comes with different design layouts and modules to create a high-performance, elegant-looking blog website.
  • This theme is easily customizable using the WordPress customizer.

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20. Blogger Era

blogger era theme for blogs

The Blogger Era is a clean, responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme and one of the best among free WordPress blog themes. Professional bloggers, publishers, entrepreneurs, companies, news, business, education, restaurants, café, portfolio, etc. It’s an eye-catching multipurpose theme for your blog website to attract more visitors.

You can customize this theme using the WordPress customizer and create, edit and publish your posts using the WordPress admin dashboard. This theme is very flexible to create a blog website and manage your posts accordingly. It is fast and lightweight, thus providing a smooth performance to your visitors.

Key features:

  • Fast, lightweight, and responsive theme
  • Easy to create, edit and publish posts
  • The responsive feature of this theme makes your blog look perfect on any device

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The list of 20+ Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs Compared by WPCred we discussed here are based on their performance, flexibility, customization options, performance, SEO-friendliness, and user-friendly nature.

These themes are the best WordPress themes for blogging. They are highly professional, excellent to work with, and the best choices to make an elegant and functional  WordPress website. Choose any of these you like, and you can instantly get in to build a wonderful WordPress blog today. To find more WordPress WooCommerce tutorials for your niche visit our website.

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